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OpenStack Folsom, the sixth release of the open source cloud computing platform OpenStack in a little over two years, saw a 65 percent increase in contributors, as well as the addition of Networking and Block Storage services. Folsom, or 2012.2 has two new services Networking (Quantum) and Block Storage (Cinder) services, architected in line with the OpenStack philosophy of pluggability and extensibility.

Written by more than 330 contributors, the Folsom release  adds  new features like Networking, Block Storage and Hyper-V support. The community also made  progress with localization efforts, introducing a new translation framework for the software, user-facing guides and documentation.

Jonathan Bryce (Executive director,  OpenStack Foundation): The Folsom release cycle brought greater maturity to our software and processes, as OpenStack developers produced a stable, feature-rich update.

OpenStack has more than 300,000 software downloads, and has support from Linux distributions like Debian, Fedora, Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu. Two of the largest OpenStack public clouds, HP and Rackspace, are putting Folsom into production, offering users a choice when standardizing on OpenStack as their open cloud platform.

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