Google will pay over $1 billion after French investigation over dodged taxes — The...

Google has agreed to pay a nearly $550 million fine to settle an investigation in France over its tax practices, writes Colin Lecher. Here is the link:

Israel accused of planting mysterious spy devices near the White House — Politico

The likely Israeli spying efforts were uncovered during the Trump presidency, several former top U.S. officials said, writes Daniel Lippman. Here is the link:

They wanted me gone: Edward Snowden — The Guardian

Edward Snowden in an interview with Ewen MacAskill. Here is the link: 

Uber lays off 435 people across engineering and product teams — TC

Uber has laid off 435 employees across its product and engineering teams, the company announced today, writes Megan Rose Dickey. Here is the link:

Alibaba’s new chairman says he has to reinvent retail before someone else does —...

Daniel Zhang isn’t worried about replacing Jack Ma. He’s worried about replacing Alibaba, writes Peter Elstrom and Lulu Yilun Chen. Here is the link:

Someone just moved a billion dollars in bitcoin and no one knows why —...

Last week, an unknown person or group transferred 94,505 bitcoins valued at over $1 billion USD in a single transaction, writes Edward Ongweso Jr. Here is the link:

All the new products Apple just announced — CNBC

Apple unveiled new iPhones, Apple Watches and an iPad at its annual September product launch on Tuesday, writes Annie Palmer. Here is the link:

Google faces a new antitrust probe by 50 attorneys general — CNBC

Fifty attorneys general are joining an investigation into Google over possible antitrust violations, writes Lauren Feiner. Here is the link:

Joi Ito resigns as MIT Media Lab head in wake of Jeffrey Epstein reporting...

Joichi Ito, the embattled director of the M.I.T. Media Lab, has stepped down according to a statement by MIT’s president, L. Rafael Reif, writes Brian Heater and Danny Crichton. Here is the...

Hong Kong protestors using mesh messaging app China can’t block: Usage up 3685% —...

How do you communicate when the government censors the internet, asks John Koetsier. Here is the link:

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account has been hacked — The Verge

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account was seemingly hacked on Friday afternoon by a group that calls itself the Chuckle Gang, writes Julie Alexander. Here is the link:

Govt officials confirm Trump can block US companies from operating in China — ZDNet

The US president has not made an order as yet, only requesting for US companies to move out of China, writes Campbell Kwan. Here is the link:

Apple reverses stance on iPhone repairs and will supply parts to independent shops for...

Apple said on Thursday it will start offering independent repair shops parts, tools and guides to help fix broken iPhones, writes Annie Palmer.

Former Google self-driving car engineer charged with theft of trade secrets — The Guardian

Federal prosecutors charged Anthony Levandowski, with 33 counts of theft and attempted theft of trade secrets from Google on Tuesday, writes Julie Carrie Wong. Here is the link:

Uh-oh: Silicon Valley is building a Chinese-style social credit system — Forbes

In China, scoring citizens’ behavior is official government policy. U.S. companies are increasingly doing something similar, outside the law; writes Mike Elgan. Here is the link: