Computer scientists break traveling salesperson record — Quanta Magazine

This optimization problem, which seeks the shortest (or least expensive) round trip through a collection of cities, has applications ranging from DNA sequencing to ride-sharing logistics; writes Erica Klarreich. Here is the...

The US Army is putting AR goggles on military dogs to better guide them...

The device was developed by Command Sight, as a project for the Army Research Laboratory, writes Mariella Moon. Here is the link:

Google’s Supreme Court faceoff with Oracle was a disaster for Google — ArsTechnica

Supreme Court justices seem poised to allow copyrights on APIs, writes Timothy Lee. Here is the link:

Everything Google announced at its Pixel event — Wired

There are two new Pixels, but things are different this time around, according to a Wired staff report. Here is the link:

Senate committee issues official subpoenas to Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, and Jack Dorsey —...

Thursday morning, the Senate Commerce committee voted unanimously to issue subpoenas to the CEOs of Facebook, Google, and Twitter, writes Russell Brandom. Here is the link:

Japan’s Tokyo Stock Exchange suffers its worst outage ever — CNN

A hardware failure has caused the Tokyo Stock Exchange to completely halt trading for an entire day for the first time in its history, writes Laura He and Yoko Wakatsuki. Here is...

Microsoft launches cheaper Surface Laptop Go — The Guardian

Microsoft has launched a cheaper version of its popular notebook Windows 10 PC, the Surface Laptop Go, alongside a faster Surface Pro X table, writes Samuel Gibbs. Here is the link:

About a quarter of American adults get news from YouTube — NiemanLab

Twenty-six percent of American adults get news from YouTube, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center, writes Hanaa' Tameez. Here is the link:

Apple invents self-healing display for foldable iPhone — 9TO5Mac

Apple has filed a patent application for a self-healing display which it says is for a foldable device with a display which spans the fold, writes Ben Lovejoy. Here is the link:...

Google requiring Android apps on the Play Store to use its IAP billing system...

Google today announced that it will require all Android apps downloaded from the Play Store to use its billing system for in-app purchases (IAPs), writes Abner Li. Here is the link:

Judge rules TikTok can avoid a ban in the US, for now — CNN

A federal judge on Sunday partially granted TikTok's request for a temporary injunction against a push by the Trump administration to ban the app, writes Brian Fung. Here is the link:

Twitter apologises for ‘racist’ image-cropping algorithm — The Guardian

Twitter has apologized for a “racist” image cropping algorithm, after users discovered the feature was automatically focusing on white faces, writes Alex Hern. Here is the link:

Firefox 81 released with new browser theme — ZDNet

Firefox 81 features include a new look for the PDF viewer, support for auto-filling card data, and support for hardware media keys, writes Catalin Cimpanu. Here is the link:

Microsoft’s Edge browser is arriving on Linux in beta next month — The Verge

The Linux preview is part of a bigger push to get businesses on Edge, writes Tom Warren. Here is the link:

Payments giant Paytm says Google’s Android monopoly is of grave concern to Indian start-ups...

India’s payments giant Paytm claims Google’s monopoly over Android is a major concern for Indian start-ups since the U.S. tech firm can “arbitrarily” shut off access from its app store, writes...