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TechTaffy is your friendly neighborhood dashboard to B2B technology. You can look up latest deal flows in TechTaffy, or research a company here. Check out industry updates. Who joined where. Which company got funded. How many companies raised seed rounds? In what verticals? I think you may find our glossaries a quick and efficient way to get caught up on AI or Marketing.


I’m Sudarshana. We can connect on LinkedIn.

TechTaffy – The origin story!

I had wanted to be a journalist ever since I was three. My first paid byline was when I was 16. By the time I graduated from college, I was writing in three different languages for a bunch of regional and national newspapers. As I worked in hardcore business reporting, I realized more than news, what really fascinates me is.. information. And technology. Always, technology.

The beauty of technology, is that it is a fantastic enabler. Technology – even generative AI technology – helps us what we do, better/faster/more efficiently.

I started TechTaffy in October 2011. TechTaffy talks about a very specific type of technology – the technology used by businesses. The categories keep getting revamped from time to time – but our core information offerings – news about the B2B industry, contracts, funding news, and future tech have been fairly constant.

What comes next?

TechTaffy user groups may be a logical brand extension. I also want to do more long-form copy. Creating a practitioner’s corner is something have been toying with for a few days now.

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Updated: May 11, 2024