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This is Sudarshana (Sophie) Banerjee. Welcome!

TechTaffy is a personal publication. Find IT contracts, news, B2B collaborations, enterprise deals, funding, industry updates fascinating.. TechTaffy talks about these things. Here I speak for myself.

My day job is content manager, Boomi Flow, with Dell Boomi. I work on Flow, Dell Boomi’s low code platform. It is both my personal and professional opinion that Flow is the world’s best low code app development platform.

Dell Boomi is a great company to be a part of, and we have amazing, incredible people working together. Love the smart, kind people I get to interact with, and love my work!

Bragging rights:

  • Built TechTaffy from scratch. Have ~9.7K followers on various social media.
  • A technology news site I helped start was acquired by Dow Jones.
  • Have worked for some of the largest media houses in the world, including the world’s seventh largest financial daily. Yes, have been published on Page One.
  • Have bylines in four different languages, including Mandarin.
  • Have been covering C-level executives and thought leaders from around the world, for close to two decades. Have covered three Indian prime ministers, including the current PM.
  • Organized and hosted a weekly lightning talk series at Hacker Dojo, anecdotally the largest hacker space in the world, for close to two years.
  • Was board member at Stanford University, CCIS.
  • Organize a chess meetup in the Valley with close to 1,000 members.

Love listening to people, and aspire to be a better listener. Here are some interviews I did you may like:

Hope you have found TechTaffy somewhat helpful.

Live long and prosper. Cheers!