Red Hat

Red Hat tries on a McKinsey cap in quest to streamline techies’ jobs — The Register

Mutterings of alarm are emerging from the cloisters of Red Hat after the world's largest management consultancy was hired to help the IBM subsidiary focus engineers on their highest-value work, writes Liam Proven.

Samsung, Red Hat collaborate on next-generation memory technology

Samsung has announced the verification of Compute Express Link memory in a real user environment, in partnership with Red Hat.

IBM launches watsonx Code Assistant for Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed, Z

IBM has unveiled watsonx Code Assistant, an AI-driven tool built on Granite foundation models, designed to assist enterprise developers and IT operators with coding tasks using natural language inputs.

Cohesity chooses Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Data Cloud platform

Cohesity has selected Red Hat Enterprise Linux as the foundational operating system of its  Data Cloud platform.

Yes Bank adopts Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Yes Bank, an Indian bank headquartered in Mumbai,  is embracing Azure Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat said in a statement on Monday.