Google introduces Gemini for Google Cloud, bringing generative AI to its enterprise product portfolio

Google has announced the launch of Gemini for Google Cloud, a new generation of AI assistants utilizing Google’s Gemini family of models.

One of the key offerings of Gemini for Google Cloud is Gemini Code Assist, an enterprise-grade coding assistance solution that supports private codebases across multiple repositories. It offers features such as full codebase awareness, code customization, integration services, and ecosystem enhancements from partners like Datadog, Elastic, HashiCorp, and Stack Overflow, says Google.

Gemini Cloud Assist helps cloud teams design, operate, and optimize their application lifecycle. It offers goal-driven design, guided operations and troubleshooting, and tailored optimizations.

In the security domain, Google has introduced Gemini in Security Operations to Chronicle, which allows security teams to detect, investigate, and respond to threats. The company has also added AI capabilities across its security portfolio, including Gemini in Threat Intelligence, Gemini in Security Command Center, and Gemini in Security features built on the SecLM API.

For data engineers and analysts, Gemini in BigQuery enables users to be more productive, improve query performance, and optimize costs throughout the analytics lifecycle. It includes features such as a new data canvas, AI-augmented data preparation, query recommendations, semantic search, and low-code visual data pipeline development tools.

Gemini in Looker provides users with ways to engage and chat with their business data through Conversational Analytics. It also offers capabilities to create visualizations and reports, connect them with Workspace, and share them with teams without writing code.

Gemini in Databases includes SQL generation and summarization capabilities in Database Studio, fleet management through Database Center, and assistance with database migrations and code conversion.

Google emphasizes that Gemini for Google Cloud is enterprise-ready, offering strong data protection, shared fate for potential copyright issues, and the ability to deploy responsibly with accountable AI.

Read the blog post by Brad Calder, vice president and GM, Google Cloud, announcing Gemini for Google Cloud here.

[Image courtesy: Google]

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