Google Cloud

Meta releases Llama 3 language modelsĀ 

Meta has announced the release of the first two models of its next-generation Llama language model series, Llama 3.

Covered California implements Google Cloud’s AI solutions

Covered California, California's health insurance marketplace, has announced that it will use Google Cloud's AI solutions to simplify the process of providing health insurance to California residents.

Broadcom, Google Cloud expand partnership

Broadcom and Google Cloud have announced an expanded partnership focusing on optimizing Broadcom's VMware workloads for Google Cloud, collaborating on go-to-market initiatives, adding more Broadcom products to Google Cloud Marketplace, and integrating Google Cloud's generative AI capabilities into Broadcom's offerings.

Palo Alto Networks expands partnership with Google Cloud, commits to ten-figure deal

Palo Alto Networks has extended and increased its commitment to Google Cloud with a multi-year deal worth over $1 billion, naming Google Cloud its AI and infrastructure provider of choice.

Google introduces Gemini for Google Cloud, bringing generative AI to its enterprise product portfolio

Google has announced the launch of Gemini for Google Cloud, a new generation of AI assistants utilizing Google's Gemini family of models.