Google Cloud, Cognizant join forces to accelerate global AI adoption

Cognizant and Google Cloud announced an expanded partnership to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) by businesses around the world.

Cognizant will leverage Google Cloud’s generative AI, predictive AI, and analytics capabilities to build a suite of solutions starting with banking, insurance, life sciences, and retail industries, says Cognizant.

As part of the partnership with Google Cloud, Cognizant will open a series of Google Cloud AI Innovation hubs in Bangalore, London, and San Francisco. These hubs will bring together Cognizant experts, Google Cloud experts, customers, and university students to collaborate on responsible AI projects and solutions, according to the companies.

Cognizant will also launch the Google Cloud AI University, a new program to train 25,000 Cognizant professionals on Google Cloud AI technologies.

[Image courtesy: Cognizant]

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