The Marine Corps launches software factory for in-house development

The United States Marine Corps has initiated a three-year pilot program to foster in-house software development capabilities. The Marine Corps Software Factory (MCSWF) is a pilot to demonstrate a scalable, Marine-led software development capability. The program aims to equip Marines with the skills needed to create software solutions specifically tailored to the Marine Corps’ needs.

The MCSWF is expected to train Marines to deliver software solutions using agile methodologies for commanders to implement technical solutions at the speed required to accomplish their mission, according to the Marine Corps. The software factory will explore collaborations with industry and cloud technology to enhance its objectives. It will also coordinate with Manpower and Reserve Affairs (M&RA) to streamline career implications for participants and optimize software outcomes.

The pilot program stems from a series of successful micro-application innovation challenges that revealed a strong interest and skill set for software development within the Marine Corps. Marines chosen for the MCSWF pilot will undergo a three-stage program: a technical accelerator, one-to-one technical mentorship, and finally, employment in software development roles.

In addition to in-house training, Marines will collaborate with industry experts to solve practical problems. On completion, they will earn the 0673 Necessary MOS (Application Developer) and spend 24 months developing software solutions for the Corps.

The MCSWF is based in Austin, Texas, and will work closely with the Army Software Factory (ASWF). This collaboration marks the first joint software development initiative between different branches of the Department of Defense, aiming to expedite software modernization at a reduced cost.

[Image courtesy: MCSWF]


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