NetApp, Google Cloud collaborate to provide enterprise storage solutions

NetApp has announced the expansion of its collaboration with Google Cloud to introduce Google Cloud NetApp Volumes.

Google Cloud NetApp Volumes is a fully-managed, first-party service on Google Cloud. It provides a storage solution for enterprise workloads, allowing customers to migrate critical workloads to the cloud without the need for code refactoring or process redesign, according to the companies.

Key capabilities of Google Cloud NetApp Volumes include:

  • Enterprise-grade, multiprotocol file shares supporting demanding Windows and Linux workloads, including SMB and NFS protocol support.
  • Instant capacity additions or changes between performance tiers without downtime, allowing real-time performance and investment balancing.
  • Built-in data protection with efficient, incremental backups that adhere to optimum application availability parameters.

Based on NetApp ONTAP data management software and cloud services, Google Cloud NetApp Volumes integrates into Google Cloud’s ecosystem. It offers enterprise-grade storage, data protection, and business continuity across various workloads, catering to both Windows and Linux environments.

[Image courtesy: Google]

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