By Joan Bennett

Google has opened a new office in Los Angeles, just miles away from the Venice Beach. The new Google LA office is located at the former Chiat/Day Building, commonly called the Binoculars Building because the building looks like a giant binocular. The building was designed by Frank Gehry.

Among other things, the office has a large copper staircase, and wide open skylights above (from which light falls on the copper staircase). Google has decorated the interiors with a splattering of display art, and the office even has a dedicated gallery space. There is also a chalk tunnel, with some graffiti (very tastefully, and showing the Android logo, among other things) already sprayed in.

There is a catwalk on the second floor (you know that late afternoon feeling you get at work, when you just have to walk the ramp), and a meeting space built with glass walls that kinda floats like an island within the premises.

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was present at the opening of the new venue, as was Thomas Williams, the director of Google’s Los Angeles office.

Google has also bought two new companies, but more on that a bit later. In the meanwhile, you can check out more pictures of Google’s new office here.