By Sudarshana Banerjee

Google+ now has its own advertisement. You can watch the ad here.  The 1.01 minute spot shows what happens when boy meets girl, and how Google+ reflects their Circle-ship. Courtship, I mean courtship. “The right people, in just the right place,” reads the adline.

The users get a green-room view of Kyle and Lisa’s Google+ Stream. Kyle comes across Lisa, and right away slots her in the ‘Love of my life’ circle. Lisa, on the other hand, has to go through a few more Circles in life. She puts Kyle in Creepers, Book Club, Guys with cars, Ski house, Maybe, and then finally in the Keeper Circle. That is not very geometric, but quite a progression nonetheless.

Guys without cars? Meh. Lisa does not want you. Plus, you probably do not fit Google’s core demographics either. Scoot. Take your bikes with you.