Apple Now Most Valuable Public Company. Ever!

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Apple has become the most valuable public company. Ever. Apple’s stock price witnessed a 2.63 per cent jump, or $17.04 per share, on Monday. At the time of writing, the company’s after hours price is moving further north, with a $1.35 jump to $666.50 per share. The rational exuberance is part due to the new iPhone that the Infinite Loop giant is expected to unveil sometime next month. The company sold 17 million iPads during the quarter, a whopping 84 per cent unit increase over the year, also a contributing factor to the stock’s performance. Apple’s market cap currently stands at $623.52 billion.

Lets look at a few pieces of stats that may interest you:

  • Apple’s market cap currently stands at $200 billion north of  Exxon ($405.97 billion)
  • Apple’s market cap is over 14 times that of Facebook ($42.8 billion)
  • Apple is currently worth more than double what Microsoft is ($257.71 billion)
  • Or Google for that matter ($220.92 billion)
  • The company is sitting on a $117 billion cash reserve, up $7 billion from the previous quarter. Add a few billion dollars, and that is the price tag for Greece’s debt restructuring (pegged at some $138 billion)
  • Apple is worth more than the combined worth of Microsoft, Google and Facebook
  • Apple’s market cap is more than four times that of Intel ($131.23 billion)
  • And more than double that of IBM ($229.13 billion).

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