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The WordPress.com interface, and sites powered by WordPress, are now ready for the uber high resolution displays of the Apple’s retina display kind. WordPress is also optimizing  Jetpack and Gravatar to be retina-ready.

Matt Mullenweg (Founding Developer, WordPress): There’s a new generation of devices really changing how we look at the web, Apple calls it Retina, others call it HiDPI (high dots per inch), but it’s been trickling its way up mostly through mobile phones and then in tablets with the iPad 3.

Your blog posts hosted on WordPress will now serve high-resolution images for users that can see them, and the platform has figured out a rather clever way to do it. You see, WordPress creates all images dynamically on the fly;  if you’ve uploaded a higher resolution photo and sized it down, WordPress will serve a double-size so it looks super sharp to those visitors.

If your blog is self-hosted, despair not; a Jetpack update will let you in on the razzle, dazzle, zazzle and high resolution world of new Macbook Pro machines or Pinterest perhaps; especially as the new Jetpack release also comes with the Pinterest share button.  All of Gravatar.com is optimized for retina display as well.

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[Image Courtesy: WordPress]