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Wacom has formed a partnership with Access, a global provider of electronic forms management, automation and workflow software, to create a new e-Signature solution for the healthcare industry.

The solution combines a Wacom signature tablet with Access’ Intelligent Forms Suite software to integrate electronic handwritten signatures into the healthcare industry’s daily workflow.

“Collecting traditional, hand-written signatures from patients at registration and bedside requires the use of paper forms, which not only incur high financial, productivity and environmental costs, but delay admission and inhibit information sharing,” said Cody Strate, Sales Director. “With Wacom and Access’s e-Signature solution, healthcare professionals and patients experience a reduction in the time and cost it takes to securely authorize medical appointments, exams and procedures.”

Each one of Wacom’s battery-free and cordless signature tablets is able to capture the static and biometric information of individual signatures which Access captures and binds to the document, providing an effective defense against fraud for both patients and healthcare providers.