In the context of Agile methodologies, particularly in Scrum, velocity is a metric used to measure the amount of work a team can complete within a given time frame, usually a sprint or iteration.

Velocity helps teams estimate their capacity for future sprints and provides insight into their productivity and efficiency.

Velocity is typically measured in story points, which are units of effort assigned to user stories or tasks in the product backlog.

During sprint planning, the team assigns story points to each item based on its complexity, size, and the effort required to complete it. At the end of a sprint, the team adds up the story points of all completed tasks to calculate the velocity.

For example, if a team completes tasks with a total of 50 story points in one sprint, their velocity for that sprint is 50. By tracking velocity over multiple sprints, the team can determine their average velocity, which can be used to forecast the amount of work they can complete in future sprints.

It’s important to note that velocity is specific to each team and should not be used to compare the performance of different teams. Velocity is primarily a tool for a team to improve its planning, estimation, and predictability. It can also help the team identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to their processes and practices to enhance their overall performance.


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