UW Computer Science Students Win National Cyber Defense Competition

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Eight students from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington claimed top spot in theNational Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition.

“We do our best to entertain ourselves during the competition, and I think that gives us a leg up,” said senior Ian Finder, one of three students from last year’s team. “We don’t appear to take it as seriously as we do.” Other team members were Mick Ayzenberg, Henry Baba-Weiss, Landon Meernik, Miles Sackler and Cullen Walsh, all seniors in computer science and engineering; Lars Zornes, a junior; and doctoral student Karl Koscher. They were coached by Jake Appelbaum, a staff researcher in the department, and advised by Melody Kadenko, a department program director.

The national contest, hosted by the University of Texas at San Antonio, brought together winners of 10 regional events. It took place over two nine-hour days on April 20 and 21.

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