University Of Washington App Records Food Data Using Hand Gestures

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The Sensors, Energy, and Automation, Laboratory at the University of Washington, in partnership with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, has completed development of a prototype Dietary Data Recorder System (DDRS).

The DDRS enables users to automatically calculate and log the caloric content of over nine thousand types of food, through the use a laser grid and a cameraequipped mobile phone. The device functions in near real-time, allowing users to view an up-to-date summary of their daily eating habits, and granting them the awareness necessary to make better choices.

Through laser-based 3D reconstruction,” explains Ph.D. candidate Junqing Shang, “the DDRS creates volumetric representations of food and beverages.”

The DDRS can currently measure everyday food items with roughly 90 per cent accuracy.

[Original upload date: 01-3-12]

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