Ubuntu Server 13.04 is available for download, says Canonical.

Jane Silber (CEO, Canonical): Ubuntu is built for hyperscale and is the platform of choice for production OpenStack clouds. 

Ubuntu Server 13.04 is an OpenStack distribution that makes high-availability (HA) a standard feature. Enterprises on 12.04 LTS can upgrade to the latest OpenStack version, “Grizzly,” from the Ubuntu Cloud Archive.

Canonical and VMware will support deployments on Ubuntu, and enterprises can link OpenStack clouds to VMware technologies, including VMware vSphere and Nicira NVP.  

The collection of open source workloads – or Juju ‘Charms’ has grown, giving devops access to over 130 curated charms for common cloud workloads, says Canonical. The collection of charms  includes major web development frameworks, including Node.js, Django, and Ruby on Rails.