By Vikram Sethi

Twitter has joined hands with its platform partners Mass Relevance and Crimson Hexagon. “Expect to see additional partnerships of this kind,” Jason Costa, from Twitter’s Platform team writes in the company blog. Twitter is actively looking into television and the electronic media for growth and the much-elusive monetization of the microblogging service.

Crimson Hexagon combs through Twitter’s all of 250 million Tweets a day and tries to extricate sense and insight from the big picture. The company’s platform can study popular reactions from  tweets about a brand, a TV show, an event, or a news story; providing users with insights into how Twitter users are thinking, feeling, and reacting. Crimson Hexagon powered the Twitter analysis in CNN’s 2010 election coverage and Barack Obama’s first State of the Union address.

Mass Relevance is the first of several partners officially licensed to re-syndicate Twitter content for display. They help users display relevant tweets on a website, on air, or in a real-world venue.  A real-time curation and moderation platform helps identify the most relevant Tweets. Mass Relevance powered the Twitter integration in NBC’s The Voice, and Twitter has worked closely with Mass Relevance on joint projects like the White House’s recent Twitter Town Hall.

(Vikram Sethi is editorial intern with He can be reached at [email protected])