By Adam E. John

Twitter is launching the first in a series of Twitter stories. A different Web address altogether, Twitter stories showcase incidents, anecdotes, and memories (stories, in short) of how you or someone else you may know of, has used Twitter in an ‘interesting way’. And yes, you can go beyond your 140-character ration to tell your side of the story.

You can submit your story by mentioning @twitterstories or by using the hashtag #twitterstories. You can even include a link to a photo or video that illustrates your point. Be warned, not all our Twitter stories will make it to the proverbial Twitter hall of fame. Each month Twitter will curate a selection of profiles to share. You can follow @twitterstories to get the latest stories, or check the site every month for a new collection.

The current edition of Twitter Stories feature (a random selection):

Queen Rania Al Abdullah: started a global conversation (with a sandwich).

CHAD OCHOCINCO: surprised 100 of his followers with an invitation to dinner.

Aaron Durand: saved his mom’s bookstore with a Tweet.

ROGER EBERT: gained a new voice after losing his ability to speak.


(Adam E. John is editorial consultant with He can be reached at [email protected])