Time Warner Opens New Medialab Especially For PC/Web/Mobile

[Techtaffy Newsdesk]

Time Warner has opened a state of the art Medialab for research and development at its worldwide headquarters in New York City. The facility offers different everyday settings for conducting studies including a 50-seat theater, an in-home style living room, a consumer retail area with a mock checkout, an eye-tracking station and gaming stations, all observable live by researchers both at the lab and around the world.

The lab incorporates testing for consumer emotion through biometric monitoring devices that measure a participant’s physiological responses to content. The center’s virtual testing room is configured for eye-tracking studies that test the effectiveness of content and ads on PC/web, television and mobile devices. The lab also houses several large focus group and observation rooms, all equipped with the latest technical and mobile viewing devices.

Time Warner’s partner in creating the Medialab was market research company Ipsos MediaCT. The Medialab complements existing labs and research capabilities at Time Warner’s core divisions.

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