Thailand’s PC Market Bounces Back

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Thailand’s PC market bounced back strongly in the first quarter of 2012 after last year’s flood crisis to post a sequential growth of 47% and 10% year-on-year (YoY), says IDC. A much faster recovery from HDD shortages and lean inventory levels in channels allowed vendors to ship aggressively this quarter. This is despite weakness in overall buying sentiments caused by local gloomy economic and political situations.

“Although lean inventory levels in channels and the recovery of HDD supply allowed vendors to be aggressive this quarter, consumer demand did not mirror vendors’ bullish sentiments. In fact, consumer sentiments were weak throughout the quarter, with the Commart IT show in March recording below-par turnout,” said Jarit Sidhu, Associate Market Analyst for Client Devices Research at IDC Thailand.

“Enterprises remained cautious about spending this quarter. SMBs were an exception and this segment invested in healthy post-recovery buying. On the public sector side, the government has placed post-flood recovery as its primary objective and put several public sector projects on hold. Overall, the softness in enterprise and public sector spending kept the commercial segment suppressed this quarter,” Continues Jarit.

Thailand’s PC market in 2012 is expected to grow by 13.5% with higher PC adoption forecasted for all vertical segments. The consumer market will be driven by the expansion of broadband coverage and new technologies/sub form factors, which will continue to attract demand. The commercial market, on the other hand, will benefit from a higher level of technology adoption across all organizations, regardless of size or vertical.

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