Text In Motion Promises To Turn Text Into Movies

By Lisa Carlin

How does text-to-video sound? Soon you may be able to turn written stories into animated movies – automatically and on-demand, says Mercury Innovative. The company is launching Text in Motion in February 2012, which allows you to write or load text and watch an animated audio-visual interpretation in real-time, which you can share as well.

“We piloted Text in Motion with children and they couldn’t get enough. They wanted to see all their favorite animals in action, and really interacted with their stories,” says Peter J. Wegner, CEO and president of Mercury Innovative, and the product’s co-inventor.

Mercury Innovative will demonstrate Text in Motion in early 2012 at the Arizona SciTech Festival before releasing the product to the general public. A character named Tim, a boy who loves to write and use his imagination, will represent the software to young audiences. Tim’s story and character will be revealed at the product release.

Mercury Innovative, founded in 2010, creates language analysis and language arts software. The company is located at Skysong Center in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is winner of the 2011-12 Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative – a start-up business incubator managed by Arizona State University.

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