Shapeways is going to open its own production facility in NYC in 2012. The company has received a follow on financing of $5.1 million from its current investorsUnion Square Ventures and Index Ventures. The New York City Investment Fund  has committed to a loan of $1.2 million as well. Shapeways got its own 3D printer a few months back (a EOS P100 SLS printer) in the company’s Eindhoven office.

Shapeways is a marketplace for printable 3D designs. Currently, the company has some 100,000 users, for whom it makes 30,000 unique items every month. Shapeways was launched three years ago, and established its headquarters in New York late last year.Shapeways currently employs 19 people, and expects that number to double by mid-2012. There are currently over 300,000 products on Shapeways, we have become the largest marketplace for printable 3D designs.

Edit: 04-23-13