Seen The ‘Angry Birds’ Christmas?

By Joan Bennett

The 14th. episode of the Angry Birds Christmas comic is available now. We know you want to take a look, so here is the link. Oink. Oink. You can check back each day for a new episode.

By the way, Angry Birds wouldn’t be Angry Birds without its unique soundscape and theme music. Have you wondered what’s the story behind the sounds?

In the summer of 2009, Rovio challenged Ari Pulkkinen, a talented Finnish game composer and sound designer, to create something completely original for an upcoming casual game about some furious avians.

Mr. Pulkkinen found his main inspiration for the Angry Birds Theme in birdsong: short flights of cheerful melodies. He captured the game’s whole storyline in the theme, which starts with light-hearted tones, and builds tension and conflict as it progresses.

Mr. Pulkkinen has also created a number of the themes for Angry Birds Seasons, for example for the first Halloween and Christmas tunes. The variations of the original theme give each Angry Birds season a traditional, but thoroughly original makeover.

For the Christmas theme, Mr. Pulkkinen drew inspiration from Finnish and American Christmas songs, and created some contrast by adding background noises of the pigs jeering ominously.

“It can’t be all cheery and happy, or it isn’t really Angry Birds, is it?” Mr. Pulkkinen asks.

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