Salesforce launches Einstein 1 Studio

Salesforce announced the launch of Einstein 1 Studio at TrailblazerDX, its developer conference. The new platform offers a suite of tools designed to allow Salesforce admins and developers to customize the Einstein Copilot AI assistant and integrate AI into applications, says Salesforce.

Einstein 1 Studio features Copilot Builder, which enables the creation of custom AI actions for specific business tasks. It also includes Prompt Builder for the development and activation of custom prompts within workflows, and Model Builder, which allows users to either build or import AI models.

The platform integrates user interfaces, AI models, and data within a single platform, simplifying the customization of AI applications across Salesforce apps and workflows, says Salesforce. Einstein 1 Studio is integrated with Data Cloud, and the Einstein Trust Layer introduces features to ensure the deployment of secure and reliable AI applications, including data masking and audit trails.

Salesforce offers Einstein 1 Studio through Einstein 1 Editions or as an add-on to Enterprise or Unlimited Editions. The platform is now globally available, with Copilot Builder in beta and other components generally available. Data residency support is currently limited to the United States, with English as the supported language. Further expansions, including model fine-tuning support for Data Cloud data, are expected later this year, according to Salesforce.

[Image courtesy: Salesforce]

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