Rolta Awarded $25M Contract To Build Intelligent 3D-Model Of City

RoltaIndian IT solutions company Rolta has been awarded a $25 million intelligent 3D city modeling contract by a major Middle-East country.

The project involves creation of a 3D model of various municipal areas covering nearly 5000 sq km, with tens of thousands of buildings, according to the company. The model will be architected to build intelligence into the model for each building, feature, roadway and parcel through dynamic linkages to disparate data sources. Exterior surfaces of buildings will be rendered in a photo-realistic manner and a user could “fly” through the model to visualize areas of interest. Interiors of thousands of buildings and prominent landmarks will also be modeled in 3D.

Modeling a city in 3D involves deployment of technologies such as aerial oblique imaging, photogrammetric mapping, street-view imaging, GPS surveys, laser-scanning, and integration of numerous data sources into a CityGML data warehouse, that can be accessed via the Web by users based on security access privileges.

Rolta had earlier won a project for establishing a large 3D map for Dubai. The company says it subsequently won multi-million dollar add-on awards from Dubai, and one recently from the Sultanate of Oman.

[Image courtesy: Rolta]

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