Resilient Network Systems  has been awarded an NSTIC grant as the prime contractor, building a new trusted identities system.

President Obama initiated NSTIC to make online transactions more secure for businesses and consumers alike. Intended to foster private sector innovation, NSTIC supports the development of a voluntary identity ecosystem.

Resilient has combined forces with the American Medical Association (AMA), Aetna, ActiveHealth Management, Medicity, the Kantara Initiative, LexisNexis, National eHealth Collaborative (NeHC), San Diego Beacon eHealth Community, Gorge Health Connect, the American College of Cardiology, NaviNet, National Laboratory for Education Transformation, Riverside Unified School District, the Santa Cruz County Office of Education, and Knowledge Factor, for the project.

The Resilient Trust Network allows people and organizations that don’t know or trust each other to collaborate and share online resources across the Internet, while also protecting privacy and confidentiality.

NSTIC Trust Network Pilots

The NSTIC grant covers two pilots that use the Resilient Trust Network technology: Patient-Centric Coordination of Care for healthcare and Zero-Knowledge Identity and Privacy Protection Service for education and children.