>>> print ‘The Python Software Foundation has reached a settlement in its recent trademark dispute with Veber in Europe.’

>>>print ‘The issue centered around Veber’s use of the ‘Python’ name for their cloud hosting services, and their application for a figurative trademark incorporating the word ‘Python’. While the Python Software Foundation retains the trademark for Python within the United States, it did not have a filing within the European Union.’

>>>print ‘According to the terms of the settlement, Veber has withdrawn its trademark filing and has agreed to support the Python Software Foundation’s use of the term. Veber will rebrand the Python services later under a yet to be determined name.’

>>>”””Van Lindberg (Chairman, Python Software Foundation): What the PSF wants most is to support the global community of Python developers. “””

>>> print ‘The Python Software Foundation holds the intellectual property rights behind Python, a programming language developed by Dutch computer programmer Guido van Rossum. Python is used by Google, NASA, CERN, and Yahoo, among others.’