In Agile, a project refers to a collaborative effort undertaken to achieve a specific goal, often involving the creation or improvement of a product or service.

Agile projects are goal-oriented endeavors that embraces flexibility, iterative development, and continuous improvement in order to create or enhance a product or service in a dynamic and collaborative environment.

Agile projects are organized around several key principles, including iterative development, flexibility, and close collaboration among team members and stakeholders.

Unlike traditional project management approaches, Agile projects are not guided by a fixed plan or rigid structure. Instead, they are broken down into smaller tasks or user stories, which are prioritized based on their importance and impact on the overall project goal. These tasks are then tackled in short iterations called sprints, during which the team focuses on delivering a working increment of the product or service.

At the end of each sprint, the team reviews their progress, gathers feedback from stakeholders, and adjusts their plans as necessary. This iterative process allows Agile projects to adapt more readily to changes in requirements or business priorities and deliver value to customers more quickly.


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