OpenAI introduces customizable GPTs for tailored AI interactions

OpenAI has launched a new feature for ChatGPT, referred to as GPTs, which allows users to customize and share their own versions of ChatGPT for specific tasks or personal use.

GPTs, which OpenAI is rolling out over the coming days, can help users do a wide variety of things like learn the rules to any board game, help teach kids math, or design stickers, says OpenAI.

Users can choose from hundreds of GPTs that are customized for a single purpose—like creative writing, marathon training, trip planning or math tutoring. Users can also build their own GPTs—no coding required.

ChatGPT Enterprise allows companies to design and publish internal-only GPTs with an emphasis on privacy, as conversations with GPTs will not be used to improve OpenAI’s models. For developers, GPTs comes with custom actions and API integrations.

OpenAI will be launching a GPT Store in November, featuring creations by verified builders. Once in the store, GPTs become searchable and may climb the leaderboards, says the company.

GPTs are currently available for ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users, and is expected to be rolled out to more users in the coming days.

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