We have been working on giving TechTaffy: a new color palette, and different fonts.

We also have three new TechTaffy: sections, which will be ready for you by next week. It’s a busy life in Camelot.

1. Useful Stuff – Stuff which you will find useful. Period. This will have at least two sub-sections:

a] Understanding – We will talk about technology concepts here, for smart people without a technology background. (Check out the first piece which we just carried).

b] How-To – Our readers are not just Windows users or Mac users or cell phone users or Xbox users. They interact with different kinds of technology at different times. Concerns and questions range from ‘Can I link to content within the same Word document’ to ‘How can my iPhone battery last longer’ to ‘How can I create a baseline for my OmniPlan project’ We tackle several frequently asked questions here.

2. Good Reads – If we come across an interesting piece on technology (and we do all the time), we will make sure you have the link.

3. Game Changers – A couple from India, the husband and wife both Computer Science grads, wanted to start a company. They came to the US, worked for four years, generated enough cash to fund the startup, bought the computer equipment they would need, and went back home. Eight months later, the duo have launched a cloud-based project management and collaboration application. They have over 800 customers, and will be breaking even by end of this year. We will bring stories like this to you in our Game Changers section.

By the way, the picture you see up there, is of the logo mock-ups we were playing around with a while ago. Thank you, to everybody who weighed in on their thoughts with the artwork!

That is all for today.. Have a nice weekend, y’all!

~The ghost in the Taffy machine