Nokia-Scalado Acquisition May Result In Lytro-Like Camera Phone


[Techtaffy Newsdesk]

Nokia has completed the acquisition of all technologies and intellectual property from Scalado. As part of the transaction, approximately 50 imaging specialists transferred to Nokia. The staff joining from Scalado will form a new centre for imaging excellence in Lund, Sweden.

Samuli Hanninen ( VP, Software Program Management, Nokia): We think that imaging is about to go through another major revolution. We’re now at the point where things can change radically.

The future ahead for camera phones may include pictures with a lot more contextual meta data than we are currently used to, says Nokia vice president Samuli Hanninen. ” Your photos can contain so much information that you can go back and make new pictures that are completely different, in non-destructive ways – maybe focused on the sunset that was behind your girlfriend’s shoulder in the original, says Mr. Hanninen.

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