Nokia Networks Trials High Speed Cell FACH Software


Nokia Networks conducted the first live network trial of a software feature that improves smartphone performance on 3G networks. Nokia High Speed Cell FACH cuts smartphone-generated network signaling by up to 80%, boosting response time by up to 65% and achieving up to 20% faster browsing; up to 40% power savings, contributing to longer smartphone battery life for subscribers, were also shown, says the company.  The tests were run on the commercial 3G/HSPA network of an European operator using test devices fitted with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors that support High Speed Cell FACH.

Running applications such as WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, web browsing and e-mail, smartphones often send and receive small data packets of just a few hundreds of bytes or a few kbytes. High Speed Cell FACH handles these small data packets more efficiently to improve the overall customer experience and enable operators to support a higher number of smartphones on their networks. Qualcomm processors support High Speed Cell FACH.

[Image courtesy: Nokia Networks]


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