New Samsung SUHD TVs Will Have 64 Times Color Of Regular TVs


Consumer electronics giant Samsung is launching a lineup of SUHD TVs, the company announced at a press event in CES on Monday. Samsung did not specify what the ‘S’ actually stands for; could mean either ‘Samsung’, or ‘Super’, or both, actually. The SUHD TVs use proprietary nano-crystal semiconductors from Samsung, with a chamfer bezel. The curved TVs feature 64 times the color expression of conventional televisions, says Samsung.

Speaking at the event, Wonjin Lee, EVP of Samsung, said we won’t be talking about smart TVs anymore; soon all TVs will be smart TVs. Think about it; all cell phones will soon be smart, and all TVs too.

The first SUHD TV will be a 88-inch beast.

Wait for a different story with more pics, and technical specs of the new SUHD TVs!


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