By Adam E. John

LinkedIn launched a new alumni network within LinkedIn called LinkedIn Classmates. LinkedIn Classmates provides insights about the alumni of your schools, as well as access to the more detailed professional profiles they’ve shared.

Where are your schoolmates? Where do they work?  Where do they live?  What are they doing now?  LinkedIn’s interactive graphs will give insights about a school’s alumni as a whole. In addition to interactive graphs, you can also see profile summaries of specific people – including the connections and groups you share in common – and invite them to connect, or send them messages.

Adam thinks aloud:
I am not a very social person. Sergey Brin says he is not a social person, so un-soscialism may not be all that bad. Only. Sergey Brin is not social. Huh. Whatever. When will these networks learn that if we wanted to stay in touch with school friends we would’ve? We are not social people, get it? I don’t even have a FB profile pic. Let me work on my Python distribution now. Leave me alone!

Sudarshana thinks aloud:
What a wonderful idea! Chanda Ashfaque and I used to be such friends in college. I wonder if I can reconnect with some of the people I’ve lost touch with.

(Adam E. John is consulting editor with He can be reached at [email protected], though going by his thoughts, you may want to think twice before writing to him. Sudarshana Banerjee is also consulting editor with She can be reached at [email protected]