Kindle Fire Traffic Leaps 270%, Walmart Customers Play Angry Birds

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Kindle Fire traffic has leapt 270% says mobile advertising company Jumptap in its November MobileSTAT report. Network traffic to Kindle Fire jumped 270 percent in the last week of November.

Jumptap found that Seattle, WA was the US city that warmed up to the Kindle Fire fastest; an estimated 1 out of every 124 residents was using the tablet. Seattle is home to Amazon, so it was little surprise that 20 per cent of Fire traffic came from within one mile of headquarters. Other cities with the highest penetration of Kindle Fires included San Francisco, Denver, Atlanta and Phoenix.

Paran Johar (CMO, Jumptap): In 2012, tablets will lengthen the shadow they have begun to cast over the PC/laptop, as they already perform many of the same tasks; and consumers won’t want to purchase both.

The November MobileSTAT report also revealed that the day after Thanksgiving, or Black Friday, was for the birds. The report found that traffic to the Angry Birds mobile game spiked at midnight on Black Friday in areas within a kilometer of Wal-Mart stores. The busiest shopping day of the year often results in the most time spent standing in line, and apparently a lot of us play Angry Birds when standing in long lines.

While some predicted iOS would begin to eat into Android market share, according to the MobileSTAT report, Android jumped to 52.7 per cent market share in November; up from 44.7 percent in October. Google recently announced that it is activating 700,000 Android devices per day. There are an estimated 189,000 iPhone activations daily.

Key findings of the November MobileSTAT report:

  • Approximately 80 per cent of advertising campaigns on the Jumptap network use at least one targeting method, of which ‘location’ continues to be the most popular.
  • 2012 will bring an increase not only in targeted campaigns, but in the number of targeting methods used for each. Advertisers will be able to take advantage of new 3rd party data providers and capitalize on deeper targeting.
  • Evening and late-night hours continued to be the times of highest CTR, giving some small piece of mind to employers. Retailers also benefit as most mobile shopping occurs as home.
  • As advertisers geared up for holiday blockbusters and a busy shopping season, it was fitting that Entertainment and Retail rang in as the top two verticals in both ad spend and CTR.

MobileSTAT is a monthly view of the top targeting and audience trends in mobile advertising. MobileSTAT contains analysis of hundreds of gigabytes of log data, run through Jumptap’s analytics technology, according Jumptap.

You can access a copy of the report here (registration required).

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