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Just 7% of IT pros plan increased use of RIM products in the future, says  InformationWeek Reports.

A poll of over 530 business technology professionals revealed that while BlackBerry represents a median of 70% of company-purchased smartphones in use now, that percentage plummets to 25% when respondents look ahead 24 months.

While the future looks grim for Research In Motion, there are some moves the company can make. IT teams need to be prepared for all eventualities, however.


67% of our survey respondents consider Apple a strategic partner for enterprise mobility in the U.S. compared with 36% citing RIM and 38% citing Microsoft.

46% say the former RIM co-CEOs’ leadership is a primary or significant factor in the company’s decline.

4% of those using or considering RIM products plan to migrate to BlackBerry Mobile Fusion.

Just 1% describe RIM as a smartphone market leader, positioned to continue to grow its influence.