IRobot Restructures Company

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IRobot is restructuring the company into three newly formed business units focused on home robots, military robots and emerging technologies led by Jeffrey Beck as chief operating officer (COO).

Joe Dyer, who most recently held the position of COO, has been named chief strategy officer (CSO). As CSO, Dyer will lead strategic business development, mergers and acquisitions, research and advanced technology development.

Colin Angle (Chairman and CEO, iRobot): The use of iRobot platforms and technologies outside of the home and military markets has grown to a point where developing new products in the existing business structure limited our potential for growth. The new structure allows us to build market-facing business units around new opportunities and energize rapid product development.

Details about the three newly formed business units:

Home Robots Business Unit: Marc Dinee has been named general manager of the Home Robots business unit. Mr. Dinee has been with iRobot for two years, most recently as vice president of sales and marketing for EMEA and APAC. To date, iRobot has sold more than 7.5 million home robots worldwide.

Military Robots Business Unit: Tim Trainer will serve as interim general manager of the Military Robots business unit. Mr.Trainer has been with iRobot for three years, serving most recently as vice president of operations for the Government and Industrial Robots division, where he was responsible for all manufacturing, contracting and program management. IRobot has delivered more than 4,500 combat-proven military robots have been delivered to military and civil defense forces worldwide.

Emerging Technologies Business Unit
IRobot Ava is a mobile robotics platform. New market opportunities for iRobot Ava in industries including healthcare, retail and security present unique opportunities. The company recently announced a $6 million investment and expanded partnership with InTouch Health, a remote presence telemedicine solution provider. Existing leadership will be responsible for these industry pursuits until a unit leader is appointed.

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