Intel Releases New Mobile Development Tools

Intel released a bunch of new developer tools as well as an integrated native developer experience, at the Mobile World Congress.

Intel has released an Integrated Native Developer Experience (INDE) as a productivity suite for creating C++ or Java apps for devices running Android and Windows. Intel INDE integrates tools into development environments, assists with the app creation process and automatically updates.

For embedded and mobile systems, Intel released the Inte System Studio 2014 which supports Android, Tizen IVI, Wind River Linux 6, and VxWorks 7 as well as cross-platform development from Windows hosts.

New features were added to the company’s XDK developer tool for HTML5 developers, including remote debugging, Cordova 3.x API support for Android, improved performance with Crosswalk native runtime for Android and an app profiler to identify performance bottlenecks. 

You can find the development tools here. 

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