Inspur has been awarded a contract to design and build a Petascale AI Supercomputer for Central China Normal University(CCNU), as part of the university’s ongoing research efforts in physics and autonomous driving AI research.

 The supercomputer will configure 18 sets of Inspur AGX-2 servers as computing nodes, 144 pieces of the Nvidia Volta architecture V100 chips that support NvLink 2.0, and the Intel Xeon SP (Skylake) processor. It will run Inspur ClusterEngine, AIStation and other cluster management suites, with interconnection via Mellanox EDR Infiniband. The peak performance of the system will reach 1 PetaFlops.


Central China Normal University plans to further upgrade the AI supercomputer to multi-Peta flops system, according to the company.

[Image courtesy: Inspur]