IBM unveils Watsonx AI and data platform for enterprises

IBM has announced the release of Watsonx, a new AI and data platform designed to help enterprises scale and accelerate the impact of advanced AI and trusted data. The announcement was made at the annual Think conference, where the tech giant also unveiled other planned advancements such as a GPU-as-a-service infrastructure offering for AI-intensive workloads, an AI-powered dashboard for managing cloud carbon emissions, and a new practice for Watsonx and generative AI from IBM Consulting.

Watsonx aims to provide enterprises with a full technology stack to train, tune, and deploy AI models across their organizations, ensuring trusted data, speed, and governance. Watsonx will offer an AI development studio with access to IBM-curated and trained foundation models, open-source models, a data store for training and tuning data, and an AI governance toolkit.

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna emphasized that the new platform is designed to meet the needs of enterprises, enabling them to train and deploy custom AI capabilities across their entire businesses while retaining full control of their data.

The IBM Watsonx platform comprises three unique product sets:,, and Watsonx.governance. is a next-generation enterprise studio for AI builders to train, test, tune, and deploy AI capabilities powered by foundation models. is a fit-for-purpose data store optimized for governed data and AI workloads. Watsonx.governance is an AI governance toolkit designed to enable trusted AI workflows.

IBM also revealed plans to infuse foundation models throughout all its major software products going forward. Additionally, the company announced a new collaboration with Hugging Face, building upon Hugging Face’s open-source libraries and offering thousands of open models and datasets.

[Image courtesy: IBM]

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