IBM unveils Heron processor and Quantum System Two

IBM unveiled the Quantum Heron processor at the company’s annual Quantum Summit in New York on Monday, along with Quantum System Two, a modular quantum computer featuring three IBM Heron processors.

The IBM Quantum Heron processor, a 133-qubit processor, is now available for cloud users. The processor is the first in a new series, built on an architecture developed over four years, aiming to offer improved performance metrics and reduced error rates, says IBM.

The first IBM Quantum System Two, located in Yorktown Heights, New York, has begun operations with three IBM Heron processors and supporting control electronics. The Quantum System Two is designed with an architecture that aims to reduce errors by up to five times compared to previous models, according to the company. It combines scalable cryogenic infrastructure, classical runtime servers, and modular qubit control electronics.

IBM also detailed plans for a new generation of its software stack, with Qiskit 1.0 focusing on stability and speed. Qiskit Patterns, part of this update, is designed to simplify quantum code development by integrating classical and quantum computations in various environments.

Additionally, IBM is integrating generative AI in quantum programming through its enterprise AI platform, watsonx. This integration will use the IBM Granite model series to assist in developing quantum code for Qiskit.

[Image courtesy: IBM]

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