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IBM is working with Tulip Telecom to design and help build the largest data center facility in India to deliver new cloud and networking services.

Tulip Telecom is a telecommunications network and data service provider, reaching more than 2,000 cities and towns throughout India.  IBM’s data center and SmartCloud infrastructure services will support Tulip in extending its existing offerings to quickly meet customer demand.  Covering more than 900,000 square feet, and 20 Enterprise Modular Data Centers in a four tower building, the facility is engineered to support up to 100 megawatts of power, making it the third largest data center in the world.

Steven Sams (Vice president, Global Site and Facilities Services, IBM): A data center that can last decades when information technology is changing every two to three years is critical for Tulip to support its growing business.

IBM has designed and delivered more than 1,000 modular data centers for customers around the globe helping customers save up to 30 per cent in energy costs per year compared to traditional data centers, says the company.

Take a virtual tour of the data center here.