IBM to host Meta’s Llama 2 chat model in

IBM has announced plans to host Meta’s Llama 2, 70 billion parameter model, in the studio. Future plans include the release of AI Tuning Studio, additional AI models in, and FactSheets in watsonx.governance. Early access to this feature is now available to clients and partners, says IBM.

The LLama 2 Meta, IBM collaboration builds on existing work between the companies in the field of AI. It includes involvement with open source projects developed by Meta, such as the PyTorch machine learning framework and the Presto query engine utilized in

In the current phase of, AI builders have the ability to leverage models from IBM and the Hugging Face community. These models are pre-trained for various Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks including question answering, content generation, summarization, text classification, and extraction.

[Image courtesy: IBM]

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