Highlights: Samsung Consumer Electronics CEO Boo-Keun Yoon’s CES 2015 Keynote


“The most important topic for our industry right now is Internet of Things (IoT), ” said Boo-Keun Yoon, president and CEO, Consumer Electronics, with Samsung, delivering his keynote speech at CES 2015, currently under way in Las Vegas, California. Samsung plans to invest $100 million in the IoT development community over the coming months, using the funds to expand accelerators for developers and startups among other things.

These are specific parts of the speech I found interesting:

  • IoT is not science fiction, but science fact.
  • Most people think IoT will be in the future. But it is not. The age of the IoT has already started.
  • IoT technology is not about things; it is about people.
  • We ask customers how technology should help them in the future.
  • Bringing the physical and the digital world together will revolutionize our lives.
  • IoT devices are not tools anymore. We do not have to press tools to activate them.
  • Its my job to make small companies with big ideas to make a big impact on the world.
  • Security must be baked into the hardware and software of IoT systems. We need to build resiliency and redundancy to safeguard the system against disruptions.
  • We need an open ecosystem for IoT devices – we need to collaborate across industries. Samsung is willing to play a leading role here. The first step is to get the technology right.
  • I have been in the industry for the past 13 years, and have been carefully observing. Technology has changed a lot. More importantly, it has changed our lives. The change so far is nothing, compared to what we are going to have.
  • IoT for you, for us, is coming. What we are holding in our hands is infinite possibilities.

I have a different post on Samsung’s big bet on the Internet of Things coming up!

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