Lets start at the very beginning.. generally believed to be a very good place to start.

This is Sudarshana. I started a small tech site about a year ago, and called it Techtaffy, because a] Saltwater taffy nom nom nom, and b] It seemed like a rather good idea at the time. All the news you choose to chews and use..

I was just playing around with stuff.

Was new to WordPress, getting back to tech writing after failing slowly and painfully at an exotic marigold-like startup, and generally experimenting.

And then people started coming in.


129,077 views in a few months! And that does not include the times when I switched off analytics by mistake. On an  average, our readers spend 1.41 minutes on the site. Thank you, readers!

Its been absowondertastic to see a small blog grow by bits.  Will be interesting to see the qubits and quantum leaps ahead..

Alternately, I may one day burst into ghosts of cupcakes past with delusions of grandeur. Poof!

Thank you for reading, and may the Force be with you.


Edited: 03-14-13