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Toy and board-games maker Hasbro will launch eight new games this month, in collaboration with Zynga of the FarmVille fame. The family board games is expected to add a new dimension to Zynga’s online repertoire of games and game characters, and will be based on some of its most popular tiles – Words With Friends, FarmVilleCityVille and Draw Something. 

Users who purchase the Hasbro Zynga board games, will also get access to select digital content. Zynga currently has some 232 million monthly active users
.60 million users play Zynga games daily.

Some of the new titles to be introduced include the FarmVille– inspired Hungry Hungry Herd, and CityVille Monopoly, among others.  The games will also be available in the U.K., Australia and Canada later this fall.