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Hana SK Card, one of South Korea’s credit card companies, has engaged IBM to develop and implement a security system to help ensure protection of sensitive data, including customer personal information. Using database encryption and access control solutions, the system will be able to help recognize and prevent potential malicious activities, to create a more secure environment for customers. IBM was selected as the preferred partner over Oracle and is responsible for providing the core technology for this project.

Hana SK Card is a joint venture between Hana Financial Group and SK Telecom.

South Korea recently implemented a new privacy policy which makes it mandatory for companies to protect customer personal information. Hence, Hana SK Card opted for a sophisticated data encryption solution designed to protect against most information misuse that occurs through database loss, leakage or misappropriation.

The encryption system will be deployed throughout Hana SK Card’s IT network, in addition to its core system.

Upload: 06-23-12